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What Everyone Saying About Astrology Gemstones


If you personally ask about astrology and gemology I say it works, on your birthstone you have to wear your effective natural gemstone based on your birth month. Sometimes people fail to buy natural gemstone and sad part is complaint about that when it don’t work . Choosing right gemstone on your birth month, wearing it in your right place and right finger as per the astrologer suggestions.

I have suggested many of my client for birthstone and they have succeed in their life. when you wear a gemstone based on your astrologer suggestion you have to keep faith and that bring success in your life. Wearing Gemstone without astrologer consultation will not make any changes in your life. You have to consider astrologer for wearing astrology gemstones. Most of the Astrologer suggest Ruby, sapphire, Amethyst, Coral, Garnet, Emerald, etc., Most of the astrologer suggest people to wear clean and natural gemstone.

How to Identify Gemstone ?

Identifying gemstone is not that much easy you should have gemological knowledge to understand and Identify Gemstone, General Gemstone Identification Chart for reference this chart will help you to understand the basic information of each gemstone. If you really want to wear a good natural gemstone you must purchase from reputed gemstone seller with correct lab certificate for verficiation.

If Gemstone is good changing you destiny and  luck, then it should also get some medical effects by getting your fever down by wearing them but it cannot make and demonstration at when you where or remove it.

9 Planets of Gemstone 

Sun: Ruby, Red Spinel, Red Garnet- Power, Name, Fame.

Moon: Natural Pearl, Moonstone- High EQ, Peace and calm

Mars: Red Coral, Carnelian-Energy, Vitality, Courage

Mercury: Emerald, Peridot-Intelligence, Wit, Communication

Jupiter- Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, Heliodor- Wisdom, Grace and abundance

Venus- Diamond, White Sapphire- Style, beauty, Luxury, Riches

Saturn- Blue Sapphire, Iolite, Amethyst- Decision Making, Determination, Discipline.

Rahu- Hessonite Garnet- Freedom from fear and confusion and protection

Ketu: Cats Eye: Courage, Refined spirituality and divine knowledge.


What is Heaven and Hell ? Brief Personal View



Heave is quite possibly a Utopia for our spiritual entities. It’s where we ascend to when all the lessons have been learned. It is where we can be one with God and the Universe because we will have earned their respect through our understanding. Two prominent lessons that we have to strive towards include Contentment and Harmony which are a pair of universal drivers that push our spirits towards HEAVEN. Both are highly elusive because both demand great effort on our part before they are achieved.


Living in HARMONY with your neighbour (i.e. any other human being) can prove to be one of the toughest experiences of your life. Think about it, so many obstacles are in place for that not to happen that when it does it’s almost a miracle.

Some of the things that Challenge HARMONY: Prejudice; Inflexibility; Irrationality. There are many more but these were the first to spring to mind.


Finding CONTENTMENT, the moment when you say that you are happy with your lot in life is growing less easy to identify because everyday more is presented to us to make us feel as though we’re missing out.

Some of the things that Challenge CONTENTMENT: Desire; Envy; Jealousy.
Again there are many more but these were the first to spring to mind.


Mention HELL and the immediate image for many of us is a dark pit full of fire with point tailed creatures goading us with huge forks. However in these enlightened times HELL might be more plausible if we imagine it as an experience in which we already exist.

Each of our lives is full of experiences, some better than others, but for those who experience something so bad that they fail to find the strength to endure it, and for that reason cut their lives short, their action might possibly trigger a mechanism that sends them straight to HELL.

So what is HELL?

What if HELL is a life in which we must relive experiences that we were unable to endure in a previous life? Having to relive life lessons by repeatedly travelling through the same life scenarios until we complete the journey to a specific destiny could well represent a form of HELL to many of us.

For it to be HELL surely we would need to know that we had been here before?
No, because it would negate the impact and also allow you insights to spiritual mysteries denied us. You discover that you’ve journeyed a life previously in the spirit world, not this one. That said indicators such as a De Je Vu experience might suggest a repeat life scenario.

This begs the question how many times must we return before we can progress to the next life cycle?
The answer is probably very simple. The number of attempts is infinitesimal. In other words we keep repeating the same life experiences until the journey is completed (i.e. until you reach your destiny).

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What astrology says about life after death ?


Being receptive to signals from our senses is one of the mysteries of our existence. Most of us tend to ignore them because they do not fall under any categorised logic associated with an easy explanation.

A visit to a previously unknown location can stimulate recognition from a previous life. This is one of the few moments when our spirits are granted an opportunity to recall a previous existence.

The same can be said about people that you meet for the first time who, for some odd reason, appear familiar. Some mystics believe that the people you encounter in a single life will re-appear in the next. This may be because as spirits, we are the same age and therefore included in the same group – yes similar to a school class.

As we are aware Life and Death are constants, in that they happen every second of every day. It was not always this way, because when the number of people inhabiting this planet was few these occurrences were obviously less frequent. However, the growth in the population of our planet is part of the construction of our lesson, as it introduces new pressures with which each of us has to deal.

I have heard people argue that astrology cannot be correct because the population of the planet keeps growing, and if spirits simply move on from one body to another then the number of inhabitants should remain static. That might work if the number of spirits outside our planet were limited to just a few, but we’re talking about the number of spirits that inhabit a universe. This world is just one in a universe where lessons are being learned each moment by a countless number of spirits just like You and me.

Is a DeJaVu experiences a form of warning?

A DeJaVu experience is an indication of previous life knowledge about something totally fresh within the lifetime in which it is experienced. It may be that before you round a corner you already know what to expect such as buildings or landscape. How does this happen?

To know about your Birth month click here

Some scientists suggest that knowledge is carried within genes hence a DeJaVu experience might be linked to the knowledge stored in the genes passed by parents to their children. However a New Horizon spiritual interpretation would suggest that DeJaVu is actually a previous life memory.

When an individual dies prematurely for whatever reason, and thereby fails to achieve their destiny, they are returned to Planet Earth to relive the life experiences intended for them. This does not mean they return as an identical person with all the same features, family and friends etc. It means that the life lessons they were intended to experience will once more be before them. Therefore when an individual experiences DeJaVu they are actually following their previous life path.

birth stone
birth stone

Image by : Marth Stewart

How Birth Stone Works ?

Brithstones were associates with the calendar months now are not necessarily the same ones as in ancient times  Birthstone colors were once the most important feature of a stone. Ancients did not consider between a ruby and a garnet, for example.

  • Diamonds look probably a white sapphire or white topaz and zircon
  • The stones originally assigned to each month related to the stones appearing on the breastplate of a Jewish high priest.
  • You can purchase your brithstone natural loose gemstones online  Where I personally buy for my clients, in  reliable price

If Destiny is a fixed point that we all have to achieve how is it possible for any of us not to achieve it?

It is not possible, but the real point is that we will repeatedly return to Planet Earth in order to complete our destiny.



Do you recognise the spirit inside you?


Do you recognise the spirit inside you?

Is the beginning of a life started the moment a baby is born or does an existence begin even before our birth or even before we are conceived? If destiny/fate is a reality then everything is already set to happen.

Can You, in your spirit form, have chosen to be the person that You are in your physical form? What if the universe comprises an infinite number of spirits, that conform to the highest intelligence imaginable. Take this a step further, intelligent spirits but lacking an understanding of the complexities that we call emotions. What better way to learn about human emotions than to experience them through direct human experience.

Emotions hold the key. Learning to deal with our emotions is a vertical learning curve for all of us. Emotions are the human drivers pushing us in directions that ensure the outcome of our destinies are what they should be. Emotional responses allow some to handle conflict better, procrastinate over decisions less and interact with others in specific ways.

Emotional responses and logical thought somehow entwine within us creating complications that we may never recognise until an incident occurs that triggers one of our highly individualistic responses, almost as if someone flicked a switch.

The human body is a fantastically designed machine capable of incredible feats, but none more complex than the ability to feel through emotion.

Telling yourself that You are living inside a machine constructed of flesh and bone, is a little like discovering that there may be two of You, but there aren’t. There is just You. You the spirit. The human body hosting your spirit is a kind of suit that You are wearing for this lesson. One that You chose.

What happens to that body throughout its life has two fixed stages Birth and Death. Ending the lesson early, suicide, is unadvisable because your lesson will remain uncompleted, and until that happens You will be expected to return to it again and again until You have successfully accomplished you lesson.…