What astrology says about life after death ?

What astrology says about life after death ?

Being receptive to signals from our senses is one of the mysteries of our existence. Most of us tend to ignore them because they do not fall under any categorised logic associated with an easy explanation.

A visit to a previously unknown location can stimulate recognition from a previous life. This is one of the few moments when our spirits are granted an opportunity to recall a previous existence.

The same can be said about people that you meet for the first time who, for some odd reason, appear familiar. Some mystics believe that the people you encounter in a single life will re-appear in the next. This may be because as spirits, we are the same age and therefore included in the same group – yes similar to a school class.

As we are aware Life and Death are constants, in that they happen every second of every day. It was not always this way, because when the number of people inhabiting this planet was few these occurrences were obviously less frequent. However, the growth in the population of our planet is part of the construction of our lesson, as it introduces new pressures with which each of us has to deal.

I have heard people argue that astrology cannot be correct because the population of the planet keeps growing, and if spirits simply move on from one body to another then the number of inhabitants should remain static. That might work if the number of spirits outside our planet were limited to just a few, but we’re talking about the number of spirits that inhabit a universe. This world is just one in a universe where lessons are being learned each moment by a countless number of spirits just like You and me.

Is a DeJaVu experiences a form of warning?

A DeJaVu experience is an indication of previous life knowledge about something totally fresh within the lifetime in which it is experienced. It may be that before you round a corner you already know what to expect such as buildings or landscape. How does this happen?

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Some scientists suggest that knowledge is carried within genes hence a DeJaVu experience might be linked to the knowledge stored in the genes passed by parents to their children. However a New Horizon spiritual interpretation would suggest that DeJaVu is actually a previous life memory.

When an individual dies prematurely for whatever reason, and thereby fails to achieve their destiny, they are returned to Planet Earth to relive the life experiences intended for them. This does not mean they return as an identical person with all the same features, family and friends etc. It means that the life lessons they were intended to experience will once more be before them. Therefore when an individual experiences DeJaVu they are actually following their previous life path.

birth stone
birth stone

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How Birth Stone Works ?

Brithstones were associates with the calendar months now are not necessarily the same ones as in ancient times  Birthstone colors were once the most important feature of a stone. Ancients did not consider between a ruby and a garnet, for example.

  • Diamonds look probably a white sapphire or white topaz and zircon
  • The stones originally assigned to each month related to the stones appearing on the breastplate of a Jewish high priest.
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If Destiny is a fixed point that we all have to achieve how is it possible for any of us not to achieve it?

It is not possible, but the real point is that we will repeatedly return to Planet Earth in order to complete our destiny.