What is Heaven and Hell ? Brief Personal View

What is Heaven and Hell ? Brief Personal View


Heave is quite possibly a Utopia for our spiritual entities. It’s where we ascend to when all the lessons have been learned. It is where we can be one with God and the Universe because we will have earned their respect through our understanding. Two prominent lessons that we have to strive towards include Contentment and Harmony which are a pair of universal drivers that push our spirits towards HEAVEN. Both are highly elusive because both demand great effort on our part before they are achieved.


Living in HARMONY with your neighbour (i.e. any other human being) can prove to be one of the toughest experiences of your life. Think about it, so many obstacles are in place for that not to happen that when it does it’s almost a miracle.

Some of the things that Challenge HARMONY: Prejudice; Inflexibility; Irrationality. There are many more but these were the first to spring to mind.


Finding CONTENTMENT, the moment when you say that you are happy with your lot in life is growing less easy to identify because everyday more is presented to us to make us feel as though we’re missing out.

Some of the things that Challenge CONTENTMENT: Desire; Envy; Jealousy.
Again there are many more but these were the first to spring to mind.


Mention HELL and the immediate image for many of us is a dark pit full of fire with point tailed creatures goading us with huge forks. However in these enlightened times HELL might be more plausible if we imagine it as an experience in which we already exist.

Each of our lives is full of experiences, some better than others, but for those who experience something so bad that they fail to find the strength to endure it, and for that reason cut their lives short, their action might possibly trigger a mechanism that sends them straight to HELL.

So what is HELL?

What if HELL is a life in which we must relive experiences that we were unable to endure in a previous life? Having to relive life lessons by repeatedly travelling through the same life scenarios until we complete the journey to a specific destiny could well represent a form of HELL to many of us.

For it to be HELL surely we would need to know that we had been here before?
No, because it would negate the impact and also allow you insights to spiritual mysteries denied us. You discover that you’ve journeyed a life previously in the spirit world, not this one. That said indicators such as a De Je Vu experience might suggest a repeat life scenario.

This begs the question how many times must we return before we can progress to the next life cycle?
The answer is probably very simple. The number of attempts is infinitesimal. In other words we keep repeating the same life experiences until the journey is completed (i.e. until you reach your destiny).

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