Do you recognise the spirit inside you?

Do you recognise the spirit inside you?

Do you recognise the spirit inside you?

Is the beginning of a life started the moment a baby is born or does an existence begin even before our birth or even before we are conceived? If destiny/fate is a reality then everything is already set to happen.

Can You, in your spirit form, have chosen to be the person that You are in your physical form? What if the universe comprises an infinite number of spirits, that conform to the highest intelligence imaginable. Take this a step further, intelligent spirits but lacking an understanding of the complexities that we call emotions. What better way to learn about human emotions than to experience them through direct human experience.

Emotions hold the key. Learning to deal with our emotions is a vertical learning curve for all of us. Emotions are the human drivers pushing us in directions that ensure the outcome of our destinies are what they should be. Emotional responses allow some to handle conflict better, procrastinate over decisions less and interact with others in specific ways.

Emotional responses and logical thought somehow entwine within us creating complications that we may never recognise until an incident occurs that triggers one of our highly individualistic responses, almost as if someone flicked a switch.

The human body is a fantastically designed machine capable of incredible feats, but none more complex than the ability to feel through emotion.

Telling yourself that You are living inside a machine constructed of flesh and bone, is a little like discovering that there may be two of You, but there aren’t. There is just You. You the spirit. The human body hosting your spirit is a kind of suit that You are wearing for this lesson. One that You chose.

What happens to that body throughout its life has two fixed stages Birth and Death. Ending the lesson early, suicide, is unadvisable because your lesson will remain uncompleted, and until that happens You will be expected to return to it again and again until You have successfully accomplished you lesson.