What Everyone Saying About Astrology Gemstones

What Everyone Saying About Astrology Gemstones

If you personally ask about astrology and gemology I say it works, on your birthstone you have to wear your effective natural gemstone based on your birth month. Sometimes people fail to buy natural gemstone and sad part is complaint about that when it don’t work . Choosing right gemstone on your birth month, wearing it in your right place and right finger as per the astrologer suggestions.

I have suggested many of my client for birthstone and they have succeed in their life. when you wear a gemstone based on your astrologer suggestion you have to keep faith and that bring success in your life. Wearing Gemstone without astrologer consultation will not make any changes in your life. You have to consider astrologer for wearing astrology gemstones. Most of the Astrologer suggest Ruby, sapphire, Amethyst, Coral, Garnet, Emerald, etc., Most of the astrologer suggest people to wear clean and natural gemstone.

How to Identify Gemstone ?

Identifying gemstone is not that much easy you should have gemological knowledge to understand and Identify Gemstone, General Gemstone Identification Chart https://gemfame.com/gemstone-identification-chart/ for reference this chart will help you to understand the basic information of each gemstone. If you really want to wear a good natural gemstone you must purchase from reputed gemstone seller with correct lab certificate for verficiation.

If Gemstone is good changing you destiny and  luck, then it should also get some medical effects by getting your fever down by wearing them but it cannot make and demonstration at when you where or remove it.

9 Planets of Gemstone 

Sun: Ruby, Red Spinel, Red Garnet- Power, Name, Fame.

Moon: Natural Pearl, Moonstone- High EQ, Peace and calm

Mars: Red Coral, Carnelian-Energy, Vitality, Courage

Mercury: Emerald, Peridot-Intelligence, Wit, Communication

Jupiter- Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, Heliodor- Wisdom, Grace and abundance

Venus- Diamond, White Sapphire- Style, beauty, Luxury, Riches

Saturn- Blue Sapphire, Iolite, Amethyst- Decision Making, Determination, Discipline.

Rahu- Hessonite Garnet- Freedom from fear and confusion and protection

Ketu: Cats Eye: Courage, Refined spirituality and divine knowledge.