About me

Having studied many forms of astrology and other kinds of predictive systems, not with the intention of obtaining qualifications in this arena, because I’m not really sure there is any valid reason to do so, or that there is anyone sufficiently qualified to provide something that has real meaning. In the arena of Astrology Life and You qualifications are superfluous. I’ve studied predicting individual futures because I’m curious, and over many years began to believe that a good understanding of what we share in this life experience comes about from an ability to retain an open mind concerning things that are not the way society or anyone else has designed us to believe they are. I have learned that I am able to predict things about my own future and, with the assistance of psychics, confirmed my own understanding about the outcome of certain situations. I enjoy discovering the language of the stars, which in many instances is neatly wrapped up in a mathematical calculation. The clever bit is decoding the numbers by turning them into words.

For many people today, there is a growing belief that what the stars are said to predict can and often does happen. For me this has been a long, not always pleasant experience, and now after thirty or something years I’ve decided to begin writing my conclusions.

If I make you think about yourself and the world around you in a different way to what you believed before visiting this website it will be enough. You will not discover all the answers to your questions about what each of us is doing here, but I hope that You will discover ideas and theories to make You consider the presence of this web site on the Internet a worthwhile thing.

If you wish an online consultation or astrological reading email me with your details. For astrological readings I require time, date including year, and location of your birth. An astrological reading can help you understand yourself better, and thereby what it is that You are here to learn. Look on the reading as a life crib sheet, something designed to help those of us who appreciate that there is more to this existence than the lives that we attempt to manage each day.