Aries – June 2017

This is a great period for you in many ways and in many areas – things can hardly go wrong. Assert your will, especially as regards your work. It is a good idea to start new projects that require independence and dynamism. This means taking a leadership role. There are excellent conditions for travel, courses and studies – indeed anything that expands your horizons. At the same time you can bring your visions down to earth and get them to work in practice. If you are looking for work, or trying to get your own projects off the ground, then you could not ask for better circumstances.

There is an intense romantic period in the middle of June, and it could be that a relationship flowers again, or that you meet someone and fall in love. Relationships to friends are also really inspiring at this time. You have the strength to move things in the direction you want, and around June 21st you are almost invincible. It is a question of making a choice and going after the goal you want. Just trust in your abilities and believe in a positive transformation of your life situation.