Taurus – June 2017

The first part of June is ideal for having a cozy time with the family in the center. You make time to see the people who mean most for you, and you know just how to get on the right wavelength. It seems that a partner – either private or professional – is in an active and dynamic period, which is also inspiring for you. There are new initiatives going on, and your partner’s development is a plus for you too, and may even bring new possibilities into your life. You may also be nurturing some project for yourself, which you keep private.

Around June 5th you start a new period. Your home becomes the scene for a summer with warmth, romance and creative projects. There is a growing optimism in the air, and you spot possibilities that were not there before. Economic circumstances improve and it is a question of making the most of the ideas you have. Around June 15th there could be travel back to a place you know well, perhaps in connection with family members you don’t see so often. A journey at this time will create peace and equanimity, and it could be here that you lay the foundation stone for a personal project.

Love has the best conditions this month, and it is an ideal time to spoil your partner and have lots of fun. At the end of June though, there may be confusion or longing.