Scorpio – June 2017

June is going to be a great month for you because your ruling planet Mars is strongly placed in Aries. This puts the focus on your working life, which has perfect conditions right now. You can start new initiatives, which you can steer and control yourself. You are super dynamic and have tons of energy. These are the ingredients for the success you are looking for. If you can also add structure and discipline to the mix, then you will reach your goal.

Around June 4th and June 13th you can harvest what you have sown, and this will bring economic reward. People who are authorities, and mentor figures too, are well-disposed. Make sure you make the most of these connections, and doors will be opened for you.

If you plan to travel or work on something with international connections, then you can expect good fortune. Get out and about, write, make contact. It is a question of making a move, because this is one of the best periods in the year for you. You can earn respect around June 21st, when you cut through to the essence and make your point. Don’t be scared of pushing your viewpoint.

Being in an energetic and optimistic mood, you cannot fail to attract the interest of others, so expect things to go well erotically and romantically. Love is not guaranteed, but the chances are good.