Gemini – June 2017

The full moon around June 1st places the emphasis on close relationships. There is enthusiasm in the air, spiced with strong feelings. Travel is on the cards, or involvement with cultural and intellectual activities together with someone. The strawberries are waiting to be picked, if you are prepared to make a trip.

Up to June 21st, the sun in your sign gives you increased energy and vitality, whilst Mars gets the adrenalin going in your social life. You will be in demand socially, and active friends will inspire you to have all sorts of adventures. If you have work projects that require cooperation, join forces with a strong partner and get the wheels spinning around the 11th. You can be leader or the center of communications.

There are considerations about the economy in June, and it is a good idea to really analyze projects and budgets. If you are waiting for answers or clarification, be patient, they won’t come until July. Don’t overstretch yourself economically, and make sure some charismatic person does not persuade you to do something you don’t want to do at the end of the month. From the 15th your energy level may be a little lower – give yourself time to think things over, whether they be emotional or economic.