Sagittarius – June 2017

There are romantic adventures in the air, and someone attractive is within your reach. You can have good fortune in courtship, not least because you seem irresistible to the other person. This is all spiced with the possibility of travel and stylish cultural experiences. It is a matter of getting out and seeing the world in June – this is the month when it’s all waiting to happen.

Don’t put off your holiday to July, be spontaneous now. Both romantically and socially this promises to be an eventful and unforgettable month. The best days for romance are June 4th and 20th, though the days from June 11th – 13th promise a spicy erotic life. This all awakens growing optimism and feeling that you can enjoy all the best things that life has to offer.

Professionally too there is advance, and there are people around you who want you to take the lead in shared projects. Personally you feel the need to join forces with an enterprising and creative person right now, and you should be able to too. If you are studying or have intellectual plans, then there will also be great progress when you follow your own personal path early in the month.

If you plan to be with children, then there is a lot of activity, and it is a question of grabbing the possibilities that arise. You are the one who can show others how to enjoy life.