Cancer – June 2017

You are happy this month if you can withdraw a bit from the scene and focus on your own projects. There are many balls in the air and you often have to be more than two places at once. On the one hand there are lots of new ideas connected with communication ventures, and on the other there is a great need for organization. June 9th is particularly stressful, and you will have to prioritize the most important tasks.

There is a growing initiative and dynamic influence professionally. A strong person with personal power would make a good professional partner. Around June 11th something can suddenly work out, and this keeps the steam up in terms of your career practice. The month actually starts with a full moon which creates tremendous enthusiasm and not a little stress. By the 15th you will be looking for more calm to use your mind creatively.

Mercury is in your sign for the next two months, which means that your intellectual and communication talents are central. If you have projects or goals in this connection, then now is the time to act on them. There can however be delays around June 15th in communication, and you will have to be patient.

You can expect some economic luck in June and creative projects can bring an increased income. This improves your mood and makes you feel more secure. Love too is well-starred if you let the passion take over.