Capricon – June 2017

June promises to be a pleasant month together with a partner – professional or personal. There is a great mental and emotional interaction. If you plan to celebrate or establish something, then June 11th is a good day to go for. At home there is a hectic atmosphere and a need to get something up and running. It is a good time for reconstruction and home improvement, or projects that involve the whole family. A partner is full of initiative and has a good influence on you.

It seems like there are a number of new ideas regarding your work situation, and this is a good period to put these ideas into practice. If you plan to look for work or participate in a cooperative venture, then the period around June 11th is fine for further commitment. There may in fact be several options to choose from. The new moon around the  15th heralds a new period for you, when you start communication projects at work, or something else that is equally challenging intellectually.

The last phase of a long-term emotional process – and the last challenges in connection with this – takes place around the 25th. After this you will be resurrected as a stronger person with a clearer view of the future. You are on the right track.