Leo – June 2017

Your social life is central in June, and it seems like there will be many activities and alluring invitations. The start of the month could bring travel with a group or in connection with studies, or some other event that puts the wind in your sails. The period from June 6th to 11th is indeed quite breathless – you will have an exciting and educational time with others.

If you are stuck at home, then cooperation, studies and work projects can bring a busy and successful time. It is a good idea to join up with dynamic fellow students or partners and get those wheels spinning – it is going to be fun just getting things done. If you have any international projects, make sure you use your network of contacts and you will have success.

Love is on your side this month, and you may be able to formalize a romantic bond. If you are in love, there are good vibrations from the 11thto 13th, but generally the whole month is great for romance, as Venus in you sign ensures that you taste the pleasures life has to offer. When the opportunity to take an initiative comes, take it. Around the 19th there may be some changes in your lifestyle and you may find that you take a new role in some cooperative venture. You may have to give some sort of ultimatum.