Aquarius – June 2017

Communication, writing and travel characterize the month of June. You are incredibly busy in these areas, so you need to have exemplary discipline. Fortunately you have the energy to get new projects going and to complete your tasks. Around June 11th you can join a good partnership that will bring creative tasks; new times are on the horizon. Study your interests and express your views as much as possible. The new moon of the 15th will bring new inspiration.

Love also has good conditions, so if you are looking for a date or interested in celebrating something, then the period around June 11th is the very best to make your move. A partner seems to be in a good mood and also interested in making the most of romantic opportunities. There is the possibility of a journey in the period from the 4th to 13th and if this is the case, it will be a fantastic and very active experience. The planet of love – Venus – ensures that there will be a good atmosphere both in existing relationships and in courtship in this period, so this is the time to make the most of your chances.

At the end of June there are some challenges that are the last phase of a long-lasting epoch that has involved a huge compromise in your relations with others. Soon you will be able to become your old self again, and you will rediscover your strength.