Virgo – June 2017

The summer puts the focus on your friendships and group activities. Your emotional bonds to others are very important to you, and it may well be that old friends get into contact around June 15th. It is as if you need to make a trip to the past to get some information, and this means revisiting people. If you plan to travel in June, then it will be to a place you know well and perhaps together with a group too. You run along the well-known tracks of nostalgia.

Your love life may be characterized by a feeling that you cannot get someone out of your mind. Prior to July you will be able to see whether a relationship holds water – in July itself you will be on firmer ground. Patience is the key word.

Something new will take place at work around June 15th, the key word being communication. There are several possible directions to go in, and this is a very active time. Keep as many balls in the air as you can, and see which ones you can keep hold of.

In the last half of the month you may feel less energized, possibly because you use so much energy in emotional matters. With old connections turning up in new forms, you are seeking security and guarantees.