Pisces – June 2017

June puts the emphasis on new professional possibilities that you just have to make the most of. It is a question of going after what you want and using your connections to open the right doors. Around June 4th there are excellent economic opportunities and perhaps you can invest in something lasting.

Positive events take place in relation to home and family, and this creates growth. However you may have to ask yourself whether you have taken too much on. Fortunately though, your energy is at a high level and you can easily convert your dreams into action, and finance them too. . The new moon of the 15th brings a new situation in your family life – an expansion of sorts.

Your love life is in a warm phase, and there are many sensual pleasures to be enjoyed together with a loved one. There is something life-enhancing about your current situation. The best days to nurture your love are around the 4th, 6th and 20th of June.

Travel is on the cards at the beginning of June, and you may do something spontaneous. In all spheres things tend to happen fast – economy, home, love and work. You have surplus energy, so the only danger is that you may act too impulsively